Sunday mornings used to be so different. It was the only day of the week we bought the newspaper, mostly for the advertisements and to enjoy the chemical fragrance of a recently printed paper. This, with coffee and a good sesame bagel, was the routine for many years. Fast forward to the unalterable changes in society by the internet and the vomiting of every bit of information, whether worthy of being called news or not, onto my iPad. As I scoured the news sites for current events today, I came across the article with the above picture on a less-than main stream news site. Read the full article here. It struck me that this type of corruption is so common, that it is de-facto acceptable and not worth publishing in the Sunday paper or the equivalent upper-echelon internet news outlet. The pictured senator from California is so decrepit and full of herself, that there must be some kind of magic spell at work to keep her standing. These hypocrites will continue to serve themselves until we find the fortitude to put them out of business. Maybe I wouldn’t get so upset if there was a good bagel to be had in the PacNW.