We’ve all heard the the mantra “you are what you eat” and have been roundly irritated by it and its implications. Perhaps you suffered through home economics or health class in high school, or you had an elderly and shriveled grandmother, possibly an annoying primary care physician where the importance of a healthy diet was constantly harped upon. “You are what you eat” could not be a more accurate statement and more physicians should be stressing the importance of proper nutrition as a part of their preventative health counseling. As annoying as I find the current First Lady of the US, she on the right track with regard to diet. Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, rather than setting a good example by simply practicing what she preaches, she is pushing her agenda from a political vantage point and espousing the idea that the government knows what’s best. And torturing countless school children who like to get lunch at school, one way or another. For some amusement, go to Twitter and search #ThanksMichelleObama. Here’s a few to get you in the mood:

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Such waste and idiocy. What are these kids learning about proper diet and nutrition from this? But I digress.

The more important consideration is how do we reap the benefits of a healthy diet but still enjoy eating, one of the great pleasures in life? The key, of course, is moderation. When patients ask me after their coronary artery bypass surgery if they can eat this or that, the answer can never be an absolute “no” or else the they will simply equilibrate back to their preoperative food lifestyle. If we teach healthy choices with moderation of the more enjoyable food (read unhealthy), people will have a chance to make a real impact in their overall health.

I will endeavor to provide usable information with understandable theory that makes a healthy food lifestyle easy and enjoyable. And for sure it can be accomplished without politics and certainly without the punishment Michelle Obama is dishing out to kids who buy lunch at school.