This post starts with the following disclaimer: I have been on active duty in the Army for 24 years with multiple combat tours. You can expect then, and with great predictability, that I am biased in favor of the military.

And now a review of some recent news:

The first story involves an Army Special Forces officer who had his silver star revoked. An unbelievable story that highlights that lack of appreciation for our troops displayed by so many in the media and government as well as the lack of insight the leaders of the military show on a daily basis. Read the article here.

The second story that broke around the same time as the one above showed NBC News anchor Brian Williams to be an incredible liar, or as he said, “I don’t know what screwed up in my mind that caused me to conflate one aircraft with another.” That story is here. But seriously, lie or conflate, what’s the difference, right? Only if you’re a liberal and especially if you’re in the media are there degrees of lying, some of which might be acceptable. He was eventually suspended without pay (oh my) for 6 months, the details of which are here.

And finally, this week there has been exciting coverage of Hillary Clinton, presidential-wannabe and all-around great gal. Gee, the country really needs her, especially now. It seems the latest deceit we have the pleasure of reading about regarding Mrs. “what difference does it make” Benghazi Clinton is that she used her private email account to exchange classified information while Secretary of State. Those that live above the law may not know it, but such an action is frowned upon and illegal. Even The New York Times seems to have an issue with this, as read about here. What’s really amazing is that General David Petraeus is pleading guilty to a similar crime, also reported by The New York Times here. I guess he’s not above the law enough or knows something that someone would like to keep secret or face a worse consequence. The double standard does rankle common sense a bit.

So what to make of this conglomeration of news? As your standard politically unaffiliated citizen (read: registered independent from the day I was old enough to vote), I find it all fairly sickening. The politicians and the media elite can do and say what they want without consequence, soldiers in combat are bound by rules of engagement set by the politicians that don’t seem to have a clue and are punished for being brave and selfless, and the rest of us can do nothing about it.

What do we do when the inmates are running the asylum and up is down and down is up?